Manopause: The condition thousands of men suffer from

Manopause is affecting hundreds of thousands of men

We have all heard of the menopause. Some of you might even be going through it now.

Everyone focuses on women during their ‘prime of life’, but what about the men?

The NHS is facing a ‘forgotten epidemic’ with hundreds of thousands of middle-aged men suffering manopause, a GP has warned.

Men experiencing low sex drive, depression, obesity and fatigue may be suffering from the condition. Fortunately, it can be treated with a simple hormone injection.

The ‘manopause’ is thought to be caused by low testosterone levels. Dr Jeff Foster, who runs TFJ Private GP Services in Warwickshire, said a blood test can help diagnose the condition. The good news is that it is treatable. Mantality Direct offers a unique testosterone replacement therapy that can help you restore your men’s health without drugs. Visit their website for more info.

‘It is easy for symptoms to be attributed to the stress of modern life’, Dr Foster said.

‘Which is why the male menopause has often been dismissed.

‘It is no longer something that should be trivialised or ignored.’ He added that ‘between six and 12 per cent’ of the male population over the age of 40 are estimated to suffer with testosterone deficiency.

Research released earlier this year showed that one in five men over 50 should sign up for testosterone treatment, as male hormone replacement therapy (HRT) has gained scientific ground. Learn more about HRT on Desert Mobile Medical website and do not hesitate to consult an in-home doctor.

Aside from the clear difference between the male and female menopause, the male menopause isn’t a given, or a biological surety. When women reach the aforementioned ‘certain age’, her ovaries stop releasing an egg every month, which stops menstruation. This causes the menopause.

In men, testosterone declines steady, averaging about two per cent a year from around the age of 30. It is, then, is quite a different process to the female equivalent.


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