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Marriage or Wedding…

“Roman proposed last night”, Lela said glumly, as she cornrowed the next section of Knight Jones’ crown of luscious coils that waived the scent of sweet coconut oil.

“And”, Knight asked.

“I said yes”, Lela retorted, perching on her sofa with Knight hunched between her legs.

The Six hesitated for a moment, all lost in their own thoughts, because Lela had always been opposed to marriage.

Breaking the brief hiatus Sasha wailed, “Congratulations!” Prompting the rest of The Six to follow with expressions of approval.

“Are we bridesmaids?” Nia asked, who was happily soaking up the pictures of the latest dos in the black hair magazines, that were always dotted around Lela’s apartment.

Concentrating on parting the next section in Knight’s head Lela unenthused said, “Of course”.

“When is the wedding?” Knight asked as he allowed his fingers to roam his hair to see the progress Lela had made with his cornrows.

“We’re looking at a summer wedding”, Lela said as she wacked Knights fingers with the thick strip of the comb.

“Oh Lela that’s wonderful”, Sasha sang, “But what’s wrong, you don’t look or sound happy about it”, Sasha noted as she reached for the coconut oil in Lela’s hair basket.

Lela replied, “I don’t know, I feel so cliché and boring, I mean I didn’t want a child and now I have one and now I’m…”

Butting in, Steele said, “I don’t know about marriage either Lela”.

Knight still massaging his fingers that were still stinging from the lash he’d received on them from Lela’s comb stated, “But you’re doing it for Diamond Jewel, nuh true?”

“Wait so you’re not doing it for love?” Steele enquired as he motioned to Nia to grease his scalp.

“I don’t know”, Lela said, “I do love Roman but I also want a stable home for my daughter”.

Getting up to grease Steele’s scalp Nia asked, “What does a paper prove anyway”.

“I want it!” Sasha said as she massaged coconut oil into her tresses.

“So do I” Ben retorted as he looked at Sasha, “And I would definitely do it if I found the right woman”.

Nia added, “I’d rather have a long lasting marriage than a wedding…A wedding is just an excuse for a party but a marriage is a commitment that says forever…What would you prefer?”

“Both”, Sasha said, “But what are you saying?…A wedding is about expectation and a marriage is about reality?”

Steele voiced, “Wedding vows are reality; it’s a sign of committing”.

“Hmmm” replied Lela as she parted and oiled the next section in Knight’s hair, “And di man dem still a watch next pum-pum, cheat and lie”.

Catapulting small black hair rubber-bands to The Six, Ben uttered, “To me if you don’t make that commitment, it’s like you’re still waiting for something better”.

Knight flicking a rubber-band back to Benjamin said, “If it nuh broke, nuh fix it”.

Steele added, “Most relationships end when people marry anyway”.

Still hurling rubber-bands Ben interrupted saying, “Some not all”.

A melancholic Lela replied, “To be honest mi nuh tink marriage or wedding is something that ever really lasts”.

Sasha sniffing the sweet coconut oil, optimistically replied, “Well then, you will just have fi try it and see”.
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