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Marvin Henriques: The one to watch

My House Party is a comedy written and directed by Marcquelle Ward. It’s about two best friends who are in love but they are the only people who can’t see it, until things change at a house party that is.  The dynamics of the friendship twist and turn in ways you would have to see to believe.

Ward explains how he chose his “amazing and professional” cast himself after having personal experience with them beforehand.

Marvin made his on screen debut in a Danny Boyle directed BBC Film and has gone on to perform in various theatres in Manchester including the John Cooper Clarke Theatre, Z-Arts and Contact Theatre.

He has also had various film and TV roles, featuring in the likes of ‘Screwed’, ‘Britain’s Biggest Heist and ‘Prisoners Wives’

In My House Party Marvin plays ‘Rob’. He tries it on with Natasha at the house party after having liked her for a very long time but the course of love never runs smoothly and Rob completely messes up the situation, has he blown it with Natasha forever?

“I read the script enjoyed the humour enjoyed the rapport between Rob, Chris and the rest of the guys and thought the overall story was relevant to our society and circle of friends,” said Marvin, “I’ve known Marcquelle for a long time. We have worked on several projects together and it has been a pleasure and experience each and every time so taking that into consideration, plus the script and terrific cast it was a no brainer!”

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