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Birmingham-based human rights activist, Maxie Hayles, takes it to the max with the release of his powerful autobiography.

Released in celebration of Black History Month, ‘Taking it to the max’ presents an autobiographical account of a reality fraught with inequality and injustice. Hayles re-creates a ‘riveting, revealing and thought provoking’ illustration of the past from a standpoint which is historical, political and sociological.

The writer uses his standpoint to advocate against racism which he highlights cannot be ‘maintained as the status quo’. Thus, the vision of reality projected by Hayles is one which directly targets, ingrained attitudes of exclusion and discrimination.

Ultimately, within the autobiographical narrative, a campaign for justice and equality can be found. Outlined are some of Hayles’ personal experiences and struggles faced in his fight for justice.

The narrative weaved by Hayles stands as a ‘legacy project’ – a piece of literature which is able to engage with and critique a specific time and space. It serves as a cultural, political and social reference which will be discussed in a variety of public spaces – both internal and external to the community.

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