Maxine Peak ‘Skrikes’ back at Royal Exchange

Having come off the back of a successful role as Hamlet, Maxine Peak is back at The Royal Exchange Theatre for The Skriker. Running from today until 18 July, the show is one of the highlights of this year’s Manchester International Festival (MIF).

The Royal Exchange Associate Artist renews her partnership with Royal Exchange Artistic Director Sarah Frankcom, to play the title role in this landmark revival of Caryl Churchill’s extraordinary collision of an ancient fairy story.

This new version will feature specially commissioned music by Nico Muhly and Antony (Antony and the Johnsons).

Peak, 40, looks menacing and almost unrecognisable as the character she is portraying at this year’s MIF in Caryl Churchill’s 1994 play of an extraordinary creature which pursues and entraps two sisters in a fractured world.

“I’m really excited to be making work again for the festival. The Skriker is a very physical production. There is a lot of movement and the audience will be right in the action, so that will be quite exciting for both them and me”, Peak said to a local paper ahead of MIF.

Frankcom, who is working alongside Peak on this production, said of the relevance of the play in our modern world:

“When The Skriker was first produced more than 20 years ago, its stark warning about our collective responsibility for the world in which we live and the destruction we do seemed prophetic. Today, it feels an absolute and undeniable reality.”

TNT Entertainment Yasin Chinembiri


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