MBE for Manchester Active Voices founder

The founder of Manchester Active Voices, Angela Lawrence, has been awarded an MBE.
The 50 year-old from Gorse Hill, Stretford will be going to London to receive her award.
Speaking to Ms Lawrence about the exciting day in Buckingham Palace, she said, “I’m nowhere near sorting my outfit yet! You know how women are when it comes to clothes and this is such a big decision. Luckily I’m given a few weeks’ notice before it happens.”
After receiving a letter through the post from the Cabinet Office, Angela had to keep the great news to herself for over four weeks, during which time she continued her hard work with Manchester Active Voices.
“Although I don’t do what I do for recognition it is always nice to be recognised and to have your work validated and honoured.
“I’m just thankful to God; He comes first at the end of the day.”
Angela is also a co-founder of anti-gang and gun group Mothers Against Violence, with whom she has been working tirelessly since 1999.
The community worker from Gorse Hill in Stretford spent most of her time from 1999 and in to the early 2000s working with families affected by gun crime and then set up Manchester Active Voices in 2009.
In the six years since its inception, there is now a fully staffed team that covers all ten boroughs of Greater Manchester.
“Manchester Active Voices is changing lives; we work with young people, particularly women, to offer them the chance to work and gain transferable skills that will empower them and encourage them to feel confident about taking on leadership roles in the future.”
Humble to the very end, Angela intends to continue in her role with Manchester Active Voices and gives this advice,
“Anything you want to do can be done. Don’t be afraid of challenges, you will achieve what you set out to achieve if you just work hard.”

TNT News Siobhan White

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