McDonald’s worker becomes millionaire

Teenager Robert Mfune has managed to hit millionaire status by trading from his bedroom, whilst working part-time at McDonald’s and completing his A-Levels.

He learnt the tricks of the trade whilst doing odd-jobs for a finance firm after college.
Combining the basics that he was able to pick up at the firm, with research that he was able to do from his computer, Robert began to make incredible amounts of money.

The young businessman has now made enough to stop doing his fast-food shifts, and has quit the job.
Despite claiming that he is not interested in the material things in life, Robert has purchased a number of expensive cars with his earnings, including a Range Rover and a gold Bentley.

Speaking of what he plans to do with the rest of the money, he says, “My goal is to make people happy. I’d like to make sure that everyone has got what they need and that’s me done”.

He has demonstrated this already, by buying his mum a new car and new house, to make sure that she’s comfortable.

Robert describes the period of time in which he juggled college work, exams, shifts at work and his trading as “the toughest time of my life.”

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Photo credit: Caters TV

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