Meghan Markle has gone into labour



The Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle has gone into labour, according to Royal sources.

The world now awaits the arrival of her first child with Prince Harry, which will be seventh in line to the throne.

Details of the new royal baby’s due date have been kept a closely guarded secret by Kensington Palace.

However, it was expected to be late April or early May after Meghan went on maternity leave on 18 March.

Her last function was on Commonwealth Day, but courtiers say she has been working ‘behind the scenes’ and keeping private appointments.

When it is born, the child will be the Queen’s eighth great-grandchild and Prince Charles’s fourth grandchild.

Sources have said the couple will remain tight-lipped, giving royal fans a tantalising wait for the first glimpse of the new royal baby.

The next we are likely to hear from the Palace is when Meghan gives birth. The family will then celebrate privately and introduce the new Baby Sussex to the rest of the Royal Family.

A few days later Meghan and Harry are likely to show off their baby to the world.

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Photo Credit: life for life

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