Meghan Markle’s dad watched royal wedding alone in Airbnb

Meghan Markle’s father Thomas Markle watched his daughter’s Royal Wedding alone at a £23-a-night Airbnb in Mexico, it has emerged.

Thomas Markle, 73, backed out of walking the new Duchess of Sussex down the aisle at the last minute as he recovered from heart surgery in California.

He reportedly spent the day in a Mexican villa, just miles from his home in San Antonio Del Mar.

Mr Markle even asked the landlady if the apartment had a TV so he could watch the Royal Wedding, which took place in the grounds of Windsor Castle.

A source told The Sun: “Thomas got to the Airbnb on Thursday – two days before the Royal Wedding.

“He had definitely had a procedure done – he wasn’t feeling very well. He seemed like he was in a bit of pain.

“Heart surgery obviously isn’t something minor.

“He definitely wanted to lay low. He was given his space and he did not come out of the guesthouse.

It was an apartment with a full kitchen so he could cook. He didn’t have any visitors – it was a bit sad that he was all by himself.

“He checked out on Monday and said he was feeling better and well rested. It is good to see him back on his feet again.”

It comes after Meghan’s father was seen for the first time as he returned to his hometown of Rosario, Mexico to begin his recovery from heart surgery.

Mr Markle, who divorced the Suits star’s mother Doria when Meghan Markle was just six-years-old was due to walk his daughter down the aisle on 19 May, but Harry’s father Prince Charles stepped in at last minute.

On 16 May, Mr Markle was admitted to hospital for an operation to insert three stents following a heart attack and is now likely to have to take blood-thinning medication for the rest of his life.

Meghan and Prince Harry are planning to fly to California to see him.

This would be the first time Prince Harry meets his wife’s father.

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