Mental health issues failed by NHS

Pippa McManus died after mental health services ‘failed her’

An anorexic teenager’s parents have said that she was failed by The Priory in Altrincham, Manchester. Pippa McManus was released from hospital 5 days before her suicide.

The Priory is one of the UK’s largest mental health providers.

Pippa has been described as one of the most severe cases The Priory had seen. She weighed as little as 4 stone.

After her release from hospital, the 15-year-old ran from her house after a family argument regarding her excessive gym use. Her body was later found near the railway station in Gatley.

The Stockport inquest charted how Pippa struggled with her eating disorder. Pippa also had self-harmed and threatened suicide during her 15-month stay in the specialist unit.

The jury stressed that the discharge was poorly planned. Pippa’s parents were unaware that the risk of suicide was greater in the first few days after her discharge.

Pippa’s mother said: ‘We needed mental health workers to work with us but they weren’t there to do that. We were let down by everybody.’

The teenager’s father, Jim McManus, said his daughter had been “failed”. He described some of the care she had received as “quite disturbing”.

“It’s not the ending we want, however the jury came up with the right answers,” he said.

“It was quite deflating to see all the hard, goodwill, for her to build her weight back up – she desperately wanted to get her life back on track – and the illness would suddenly, at a flick of a finger, pull her back down to earth again.

“It wasn’t pleasant at all. She was a lovely girl, plenty of fun. Always active”.

Paula Stanford, Hospital Director of the Priory Hospital Altrincham, said: “Our heartfelt sympathies are with Pip’s family and we will now carefully consider the findings of the jury”.

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