Mermaid role for Channing Tatum in Splash remake

It’s been announced that there will be a Disney remake of the 1984 romantic comedy, ‘Splash’.

‘Splash’ told the story of a man (Tom Hanks), who falls in love with a character played by Daryl Hannah, who is secretly a mermaid.

The film was a huge success and did a lot for the progression of the careers of the actors and film crew.

Since rumours of the re-make began, there has been much speculation concerning which actress will be chosen to play the mermaid.

We now know however, that gender roles will be reversed this time around, with Channing Tatum diving into the role of the mermaid (or merman), and his 22 Jump Street co-star Jillian Bell, playing Hanks’ character.

There seems to be a running theme of mix-ups of old films in recent times. Ghostbusters fans have just recovered from the excitement of that re-make, and now there’s the new Splash to look forward to.

I doubt it will be the last re-make we’ll hear about this year.

TNT Entertainment

Photo Credit: Peabody Awards

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