Met gala 2015: Beyonce Vs Rihanna – Watch

This Celebrity Watch Wednesday we at TNT bring you our views of some the costumes (at least we hope they were costumes) and outfits of Monday’s annual met gala.

The Good

Sarah Jessica Parker- Her extravagant head dress garnered a lot of attention and the mickey-taking memes are endless but we think this kinda crazy is pretty cool. Coupled with her dress, at least she’s stuck to the theme…sort of.

Fan bingbing- By far the best costume of the night simply for sticking to theme. The elegance of the gold, floor-length dress coupled with the grand, detailed cape means Fan is bringing it!

Rihanna– Another meme-tastic piece that the TNT jury was out on. Rih made it in to the good category instead of the brave for her bold ability to carry this cape off. Kudos to her for researching the theme and bringing us something different from 45 year-old designer Guo Pei, “I was researching Chinese couture…. It’s so well-made. It’s handmade by one Chinese woman. It took two years to make this” Rihanna said.

The Bad

Amal Clooney- the decision was split at TNT HQ on this one but the majority voted bad. The dress is perfect for Amal’s figure buttThis costume isn’t costume-y enough and simply looks like a bad dress. Enough said.

Lady Gaga– Well done on sticking to the theme but not only is this typical Gaga but it’s as if not much effort has been put in to it. If ever there was a time to go all-out on a costume, this was it and Gaga missed the bus.

Katy Perry– Yes the theme is obvious but the print is an eyesore. Too much going on and sickly. No Katy, just no.

The Brave

Beyonce– Queen Bey doesn’t look bad in anything simply because she is Beyonce BUT she comes very close with this sheer number with only a few sparkles covering her modesty. The outfit itself isn’t actually that bad apart from not being one bit Chinese but when coupled with that ratchet pony tail, roots on show, it’s bad.

Kim Kardashian– Yawn. Kim wears outfits like this all of the time. Not much else to say.

Jennifer Lopez– Another one known for her love of a revealing outfit, J.Lo makes the brave category because it’s not all the time that just because you have it you should flaunt it. We think that might be a red dragon on the front but can’t be sure for all the flesh on show.


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