MGS kids marks 500th year with single

Two Manchester Grammar School (MGS) pupils hit the right note with their very own single launch last month. The song, ‘Yeah (500 Years)’, was written in commemoration of the School’s 500th year anniversary and is on Soundcloud now.

Now before you scuttle away to have a listen, some information about the creators and performers of the single wouldn’t go amiss.

Altrincham’s Lewis Khan, 12, with his friend, Tom Plaut, 11, from Cheadle; wrote and performed the original song at a concert in the MGS Memorial Hall in late Spring last year. The school decided that the song was so impressive, it should be recorded and launched professionally.

Speaking about the lyrics, Lewis Khan said: “Tom and I really wanted to create something that reflected the 500 year anniversary at the School and we are so happy that our song has become an intrinsic part of this very special celebration”.

Tom added: “It was an amazing opportunity to go to a recording studio and work with my friends to produce a professional single.”

In the term leading up to Christmas, the boys had the exciting opportunity to arrange, record and produce the song at Castle Rock Studios in Alderley Edge.

Robert Carey, MGS’ director of music said, “Along with my colleagues, James Jervis and Chris Jarrett, I am extremely proud of what the boys have achieved, their individual talents and how they have worked together as a group to create something truly unique and memorable.”


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