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Michael Jackson music banned by radio stations following ‘Leaving Neverland’

Michael Jackson music banned by radio stations around the world following controversial documentary Leaving Neverland.

Michael Jackson’s music has been dropped by a number of radio stations around the world following the controversial documentary Leaving Neverland.

The four-hour film, which aired its first half on Channel 4 on Wednesday 6 March 2019, details the historic child molestation allegations against the singer and includes interviews from James Safechuck and Wade Robson, who both accuse him of abusing them as children.

The two-parter first premiered at Sundance and has been described as ‘frightening’ and ‘disturbing to watch’ by some viewers and has led to stations in both New Zealand and Canada to remove the King of Pop’s hits from their playlists – as well as the BBC Radio 2.

New Zealand have almost entirely removed Michael’s work from playlists, with one of its largest commercial networks MediaWorks leading the pack.

Company director Leon Wratt told CNN in a statement: ‘Michael Jackson isn’t currently on any MediaWorks Radio stations’ playlists,’ ‘This is a reflection of our audiences and their preferences – it is our job to ensure our radio stations are playing the music people want to hear.’

Mediaworks refused to comment on when Michael’s music might return to airwaves, adding they ‘will be guided by their audience.’

Broadcasting rival NZ’ME followed suit, with entertainment director Dean Buchanan telling the New Zealand Herald: ‘NZME station playlists change from week to week and right now Michael Jackson does not feature on them.’

Michael Jackson’s estate are suing HBO for the Leaving Neverland documentary for £100million, saying it ‘shamelessly exploits an innocent man no longer here to defend himself’.

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