Michelle Obama’s teary farewell – Watch

For the final time as First Lady, Michelle Obama addressed America in a speech which became a tearful farewell.

The final address was given on 6 January 2017. The First Lady honoured school counsellors from across America.

Reflecting on the 8 years spent in the White House, Michelle delivered a message about empowerment through education. Education is an area which Michelle has been most active and vocal about.

Michelle’s speech also appealed for inclusion and equality. Obama said that every American has ‘a right’ to be ‘exactly who they are’. She said that it is diversity which makes Americans who they are. She stressed that all colours and creeds are ‘not a threat’.

The touching personal speech also saw Michelle allude to the challenges that she faced as First Lady. She also spoke of her father and related his dreams to the hopes and dreams of many people in America.

She highlighted that there are many opportunities available for dreams to be chased. Michelle then became emotional, whilst many in the crowd also became touched and teary.

Watch the video of Michelle Obama’s teary farewell.

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Photo Credit: Reflect

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