Mindfulness by Danny Penman and Mark Williams

When we are tired we sleep, when we want to rest we take a break but, how do we quiet the constant thoughts in the mind? It’s so easy to think about all we have to do and what we want to do. The brain is a muscle which also requires rest from the constant thinking. This book explains the issues regarding rest of the mind; it gives simple exercises to follow which aim to rest the mind. The popularity of mindfulness shows that as a cognitive therapy for those with persistent bouts of depression mindfulness actually reduces the amount of these bouts by 40-50%. Approved by NICE (National Institute for Clinical Excellence) mindfulness has shown positive results as a practical guide to living in the here and now. So, with such success would it be such a bad idea to spend just 10 minutes performing the simple exercises in this book, I hope not. The recommendation for this book is in audio because of explanation and guidance for each of the exercises.

TNT Lifestyle Jacqueline E Hylton

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