Minetta Webb – A Five Generation Family

A five-generation family with an age span of more than a century is living in Manchester. Great-great-grandmother Minetta Webb, who turned 106 in May, spent her first five decades living on the Caribbean island of Dominica. Before moving to England in the 1960’s to help raise her grandchildren. Her youngest local descendent is just two years old.

Mrs Webb, who was widowed when her own two children were small and never re-married. Minatta spent many years living in Liverpool, before settling in Fallowfield with her daughter Rosemarie Peltier five years ago. She lived an independent life well into her 90s and even today is in exceptional health for her age.

Mrs Peltier – “My brother Laurence and I both moved to the UK in the 1960’s.  I got married and my mother came to Manchester to look after my children so I could work. She then moved to Liverpool to look after Laurence’s children. While he and his wife were working, she would also help another of my daughter Gloria with her children.”

Minetta Webb’s spice for life

One of Mrs Webb’s main interests was cooking a diverse range of caribbean food. Every Christmas Minetta would bake lots of cakes and hot pepper sauce. She would then distribute among  family, friends and the local community.

Mrs Peltier’s daughter Susan was diagnosed with a heart murmur at the age of five.  Susan needed a lot of time and care, therefore was sent to live with her grandmother.

Susan Peltier – “My mum was on her own with six children. I needed more attention than she was able to give to me.  So I went to live with gran, she was very strict and set in her ways. This has been passed on to us in the way we raised our own children.”

“It’s always been mum and gran looking after our family.  Over recent years mum has been looking after gran.”

The walls of Mrs Webb’s bedroom are decorated with photos of the Queen. Minetta watched the diamond jubilee festivities on television, surrounded by her loved-ones.

Another granddaughter, D’borah Peltier, whose two-year-old granddaughter Sira is the most junior member of the clan, said.  “We’re a very close family and see each other a lot. There are loads of us dotted around Manchester and Liverpool. I don’t think there can be that many five-generation families around.”

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