Misha Timmins in new Manchester film

My House Party is a comedy written and directed by Marcquelle Ward. It’s about two best friends who are in love but they are the only people who can’t see it, until things change at a house party that is.  The dynamics of the friendship twist and turn in ways you would have to see to believe.

Ward explains how he chose his “amazing and professional” cast himself after having personal experience with them beforehand on shows such as Waterloo Road, “My leading lady Misha Timmins from the beginning of this writing process was always someone I wanted to play this part.

Hi my name is Misha Timmins I played the part of Rita in My House Party.

What made me say yes to being a part of My House Party:  It was the fact I have known Marcquelle Ward for years. I was 13 when he and a few others dropped me flat on my backside during a dance rehearsal for a talent show Rio Ferdinand held in Manchester so we hit it off straight away I guess but that whole incident is another story …

I also read the script and I could relate to it very easily. I think we can all relate to the characters and definitely have friends in our circles like the characters we as actors and Marcquelle as the writer/ director created. Working with Marcquelle was so much fun! Professional, exciting and comfortable- I’m all ready for My house party 2!

So here’s a bit about myself…

I am a graduate acting student from Arts Educational, I live in Manchester and when I’m not acting on screen I teach Gymnastics.

I love performing, people close to me may say a little too much – I get called a drama queen quiet a lot I haven’t the foggiest why!? I consider myself very lucky, I mean, I’m working in the industry I also consider my passion and I don’t think many people out there can say that? And for that I am extremely grateful.

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