Miss D.C raises post-traumatic stress awareness at Miss America

Miss America contestant Cierra Jackson – current Miss District of Columbia – has spoken out about the effects of war, not only on the military but also on their families.

Cierra comes from a military family and has seen first-hand the impact that war can have.

Her father, uncle and cousin have all suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) since fighting overseas.

Cierra’s cousin struggles with the disorder severely, having attempted to commit suicide on several occasions. This leaves her uncle unable to concentrate on dealing with his own struggles, since he is so concerned with helping his son.

The beauty pageant contestant has urged that the right support needs to be given to military families. “People think that it’s just the veteran that’s serving, but the children serve, the families serve”.

Cierra has given an insight into her own experience as a child, explaining the difficulties at home whilst her father was deployed.

She works with the Congressional Military Family Caucus, amongst other groups, in an attempt to make people aware of the needs of families who are in similar situations to what her own has been through.

Miss D.C didn’t win the Miss America 2016 crown, but did manage to spread the word on PTSD.

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Photo credit: TicketTV


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