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Miss GB stripped of crown over ITV2 ‘ Love Island’ sex scandal

Zara Holland, the former Miss Great Britain has been stripped of both her title and crown after engaging in sexual activity on the ITV2 show ‘Love Island’.

Taking to Twitter, Miss Great Britain organisers have said “We pride ourselves on promoting the positivity of pageants in modern society and this includes the promotion of a strong, positive female role model in our winners.

“The feedback we have received from pageant insiders and members of the general public is such that we cannot promote Zara as a positive role model moving forward.

“We wholly understand that everyone makes mistakes, but Zara, as an ambassador for Miss Great Britain, simply did not uphold the responsibility expected of the title”.

Holland, who has since quit the show, has stated that her brief relationship with co-star Alex Bowen was “the biggest mistake” of her life.

On the Lorraine show the 20-year-old stated “I’m not making an excuse, I know I’m my own person and I made that decision, but literally it was in the moment and it was the biggest mistake ever”.

Opinions over the pageant organiser’s decisions appear to be split. Geordie Shore’s Charlotte Crosby has said that it was only fair for Holland’s title to be stripped. Speaking to the Mail Online Charlotte said “if she’d gone in there a normal girl she’d have nothing to lose but she went in there with a title. You do have to behave in a certain way”.

However, Love Island presenter Caroline Flack tweeted her contrasting view. Flack criticised the decision, saying Holland was a “very sweet girl. What even is Miss GB? Are we living in the dark ages?”

Losing her title now means that the former Love Island star will not be taking part in the Miss World competition, which is set to take place in Malaysia later this year. Holland’s Miss GB crown will now be passed on to runner-up Deone Robertson.

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