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Miss Zimbabwe 2015 dethroned for nude pics

The 2015 Miss Zimbabwe Emily Kachote has lost her crown after photos of her in the nude were leaked via Whatsapp.
It is thought that an ex of 25 year-old Miss Kachote deliberately leaked the images of her posing naked and they soon went viral on popular messaging service Whatsapp last year.
Admitting that the photos are of her, Miss Kachote spoke to New Zimbabwe news outlet and said, “I was hoping the pictures would have been deleted by now since it happened a long time ago and I last spoke to the guy a year ago and I no longer have anything to do with [him]…”
“I have always suspected that those pictures would circulate, but it happened a long time ago, and I believe my past does not determine where I am going.”
As the rules of Miss Zimbabwe stipulate, ‘immoral behaviour’ such as posing naked professionally or socially on any form of media, being in a relationship or making sexual advances towards anyone are all grounds for instant disqualification from the competition.
Kachote, a financial adviser, wrote on Facebook that she will hold a press conference once she speaks with her attorney.
The scandal is a case of history repeating itself after the 2014 Miss Zimbabwe was also stripped of the title for nude photos.

TNT News Siobhan White

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