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Model ordered off catwalk because she is black

‘I was told to get off catwalk because I’m black’ – model Brenda Beaux

London Fashion Week has been caught up in a racism row after a black model was ordered off a catwalk.

20-year-old Brenda Beaux was left in tears when photographers and spectators yelled at her to get out of the way. The yelling came as she showcased outfits by British designer Pam Hogg.

Organisers have denied it was prompted by racism, saying that the photographers just wanted a clear shot of another model behind her.

But the rising star is the only black woman working at Ms Hogg’s show. She claims she was singled out and says fewer photos were taken of her than of white colleagues.

‘It was very upsetting and humiliating,’ she told local media. ‘It’s almost like they planned it, how they all started shouting “go” at the same time in such an angry way.

‘I have never felt so much hate towards me in my life. I almost burst into tears on the runway, then I remembered I was working so I carried on like nothing ever happened.

‘I just had to be strong enough to get back down the runway, and when I did I just started crying.’

Ms Beaux, from Surrey, added: ‘People at the show messaged me afterwards and when Pam heard what happened she came to apologise.

‘She was furious but she was very nice to me and said she wanted me back for her next show.’

Fashion Scout, which staged the event, said photographers yelled at several models to move to get a shot. They have been asked to show more respect, the firm said.

Ms Hogg said, whether Brenda was picked on or not, the yelling had been ‘unacceptable’. ‘A gorgeous girl was left feeling singled out because of her colour,’ she added.

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Photo Credit: Brenda Beaux

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