Mo’Nique closing in on a $10m Netflix deal

US comedian Mo’Nique is closing in on a $10 million deal with Netflix. The legendary comic appears to be finally securing the bag from Netflix.

A source close to Mo’Nique reportedly told MTO News that Mo’s husband and manager is working on finalising a deal with the streaming TV provider worth $10m.

The insider reportedly explained, “Netflix tried to violate Mo’Nique because she’s a black woman, but Monique and her husband stood their ground.”

Mo’Nique, best for her Oscar-winning role in 2009’s Precious, has had a bone to pick with Netflix. Earlier this year, the streaming service offered her a $500,000 deal for a comedy special.

The actress felt slighted. Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle booked similar one-hour stand-up slots $20 million apiece, and Amy Schumer booked hers for $13 million (renegotiated from $11 million, which she felt was unfairly low, when compared with the men’s offers).

When Mo’Nique responded by calling for a Netflix boycott, citing gender and racial bias, the Twittersphere went quiet – some ridiculing her claims.

“You know, when I called for that boycott, there were folks that said, ‘That’s extreme.’ And let me be the first to say: I agree,” Mo’Nique tells InStyle. “However, isn’t inequality extreme? There are times when you have to meet extreme with extreme.”

Netflix, Mo’Nique says, was the straw that broke the camel’s back. She recounts the conversation Netflix had with her husband-manager Sidney Hicks when they told him the $500,000 was based on what they thought Mo’Nique would bring in: “Sidney said, ‘Well, based off of Mo’Nique’s resume and pretty much everything that she’s done, it’s been number one.’

‘Well, we don’t base our deals off resume.’ So [Hicks] said, ‘Well what is it that you base the deal off of? How did you get to Amy Schumer’s number?’

‘Well Amy sold out Madison Square Garden twice, and she had a hit movie in 2017.’

So my husband then said, ‘Is that not Amy Schumer’s resume?’” The conversation went quiet, Mo’Nique says.

Netflix – whose offer also stipulated, among other terms, that Mo’Nique would not appear in other comedy specials during a one-year period and not use the material in the program for a two-year period – declined to negotiate further.

A Netflix representative reportedly said, “Netflix does not comment on contract negotiations.”

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Photo Credit: The View

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