It’s ‘Morphing Time’ for Che3kz – Watch

With the new year still carrying some of 2016 woes, Manchester’s own Che3kz has decided to brighten things up by releasing her latest visual ‘Morphing Time’ via Link Up TV.

Accompanied by a gritty grime sound, hard-hitting punch-lines and energetic flows, Che3kz has begun the year with a bang in her first visual release.

Emerging from a relatively quiet 2016, the grime star has made it perfectly clear that the same will not be said for 2017. ‘Morphing Time’ can almost be perceived as a warning for the scene surrounding her.

The overall message appears to be “love me or hate me, you will respect me”. Taking that respect by force doesn’t seem to be a problem either.

Never happy with mediocrity, instead of simply promoting ‘Morphing Time’ on social media, she’s also hinting that her next visual release ‘Beast’ will be presented to the online world very soon.

“It’s [Morphing Time] a taster of what’s to come [this year]. After this, I’ll release another visual called ‘Beast’. I’m just focusing on creating music at the minute”, she told TNT.

Che3kz’s ‘Bad Bre3d’ mixtape is also available for free via her website.

TNT Entertainment

Photo Credit: Che3kz


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