Moss Side receives new community post office

Osman Telecom, of Princess Road, Moss Side, has enriched its role in the community, following the opening of a new in-store post office.

The frequented convenience store is valued by locals for its host of services, including printing, internet access, groceries and phone repairs, and can now add ‘Post Office’ to its respected title.

It is a welcome addition to Moss Side, following mass closures in recent years, not only in Manchester, but nationwide. Since the government’s plans to ‘modernise’ the postal network in 2012, more than 3,000 traditional branches have shut – giving way to smaller offices often integrated into existing businesses such as Osman’s.

Although many have been disgruntled by the closures, the introduction of the facility in Moss Side has pleased shop-owner, Mohamed Abdi, who says it has boosted business. “We have been a little bit supported by it, about 1 in 3 customers using the post office also buy something from the shop”.

Moss Side is a proudly multicultural area, with many residents of Asian and African descent. An efficient local postal network is especially important to such a community, many of whom have loved ones abroad, and require “documents such as Home Office applications to be sent out”, Mohamed added.

The postal booth provides services such e-top ups and travel money, and is open from 9am-9pm every day of the week, to cater for those in the area that work long hours.

The post office, was officially opened on 26 February 2016, by local councillor Sameem Ali.


TNT News James Skipper

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