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Mothers Against Violence show we all matter

The annual Mothers Against Violence (MAV) event took place in Piccadilly Gardens on Sunday 12 July and was the best yet.

Described as “absolutely amazing” by chief organiser and founder of MAV, Patsy McKie, her prayers to the Most High to hold off the rain worked and people of all ages came out to enjoy the glorious event.

This year’s theme of “I matter U matter” was shown in the way Patsy and the team gave young budding performers their chance to shine by taking to the stage in front of hundreds of people who were enjoying the music and fun all day long.

Patsy was so pleased with the theme that it will likely be used next year. “I don’t think the full theme, ‘I matter U matter- make it happen’, was made clear enough this year and it should be because the whole meaning is very profound.

“The word ‘matter’ is powerful, we need to show kids and young people that they do matter, that we see them as individuals and that we do care.

“So we gave them this platform but said it’s up to them what they do with it. They have to make it happen.
“It’s easy enough to think that you matter but you have to show that you matter too.”
Manchester artists such as Flamez, Temiah and Misha B, King Burga, Jsky and Kemoy and Kyso to name a few all showed that they matter.

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