Motorists to receive ten-minute ‘grace period’


Motorists will now be given a ten-minute ‘grace period’ after their parking ticket expires, before they are eligible to be fined. Under the new code, drivers leaving their vehicles in private car parks will have a minimum of ten minutes after their ticket expires before they can be charged a fine, the introduction of the law brings private car parks in line with those ran by local authorities. The grace period will apply at the end of a paid-for ticket or after the expiry of free parking tickets.

Some car parking operators are being banned for rewarding parking attendants for the number of tickets they issue, the British Parking Association said its code of practice was being overhauled after a scam that saw parking attendants cheat motorists out of money.

In March of this year, the government introduced measures designed to encourage people to use their cars in town centres, which ensured a ten-minute grace period in council-run car parks. According to the RAC foundation, English councils earned a profit of £667m from parking charges between 2013-14. Chief Executive of the British Parking Association, Patrick Troy, has said “We want to make it easier for motorists to park in whichever car park they use”.

TNT News Billy Rooney

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