Mudbound set for Oscars shine

The season for must-see cinema is upon us, and at the very top of the watch list for anyone interested in Black filmmakers and storytelling is Dee Rees’s Mudbound.

The Sundance hit takes place in a small Southern town post-World War II. It boasts an incredible cast of indie veterans and A-listers, including Jason Mitchell and Mary J. Blige.

After months of reading the amazing reviews and hearing all the buzz surrounding Mudbound, we finally have our first look at the film.

Mudbound is based on the 2008 Hillary Jordan novel of the same name and focuses on two families. The families, one white and one Black, live on the same farm in the post-World War II South.

In addition to Mary J. Blige, Jason Clarke, Jason Mitchell, Garrett Hedlund are on the list of A-listers in the project. Also in the film is Carey Mulligan, Rob Morgan and Jonathan Banks.

The movie was praised during Sundance festival, but there was no bidding war for the rights. Director Rees was surprised, citing: “I’m surprised it didn’t sell that first night,” she told Variety. “Wait, what the f**k? It’s undeniable. The audience is into it. What happened?”

What happened is, Netflix saw the film’s potential and swooped in with an offer. And now, it could be the streaming provider’s first real Oscar contender.

Watch the trailer above.

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Photo Credit: Netflix

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