Muhammad Ali graphic novel to be published in English

For the first time, Dark Horse Comics are publishing ‘Muhammad Ali’, the graphic novel, in English.

Written and illustrated by Sybille Titeux and Amazing Ameziane, the graphic novel celebrates the life of the illustrious athlete.

Since its release in October 2015, the critically-acclaimed text had previously only been available in French.
Through a series of images and text, the biographical novel follows the astounding transformation of the young boxer, Cassius Clay, to the legendary three-time heavyweight champion, Muhammad Ali.

As well as other key figures in the civil rights movement, his infamous boxing career is also accompanied by the story of activism.

From winning his Olympic gold medal, to his refusal to be drafted in the Vietnam war, and ultimately the 30-year battle with Parkinson’s disease – the greatest icon of the 20th century will debut in the English translation on 26 October.

With an estimated retail price of around £15, the graphic novel will be made available in comic book stores or via the Penguin Random House website.

See what made Ali different, read what made him groundbreaking, witness what made him the Greatest.

TNT Entertainment

Photo Credit: Ira Rosenberg

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