Muslim blogger releases hijabs to suit diverse skin tones

Despite widespread ‘nude’ products available for both men and women, it has become increasingly difficult for people of colour to find product that match their skin tone.  Finding that one ‘nude’ shade does not fit all in todays diverse society.g

Failure to cater for diverse skins, has been targeted for improvement within the fashion industry.

High-end shoe designer, Christian Louboutin extended his ‘nude’ footwear line and lingerie lines. Also Nubian Skin, have created a range of underwear to cater for a diverse range of skin tones.

A muslim blogger has taken inspiration from the runway and applied it to a staple wardrobe piece in her community; the hijab.

Habiba Da Silva has launched a collection of hijabs called “Skin”. The new line has been matched to suit a range of different skin tones.

On her blog, the 22-year-old Birmingham University graduate wrote: “[This] was inspired by many things. Firstly for my passion for cultures and traditions.  Secondly to break up the trend of having brands with clothing dressed on only lighter skinned models. Thirdly, I wanted something for everyone: men, women; from every background”.

Da Silva said the collection was “inspired by togetherness amongst different types of people”.

The hijabs are currently available in four shades, with more shades scheduled to be released shortly. The names of the current colours play on the theme of marriage.

The darkest colour is called “Aure,” the Hausa word for marriage. With “Aroosadda,” which is Somali for “bride”; “Rukhasti,” which translates as “sending off” in Urdu.  Followed by the lightest shade “Zaffeh,” which is Arabic for “wedding march”.

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Photo Credit: Habiba Da Silva

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