Muslim father’s support for daughter goes viral

Muslim father’s support for his teenage daughter if she chose to not wear a hijab trends on Twitter.

A Muslim girl’s father, who should unwavering support if she chose to remove her hijab, has grabbed mass media attention.

The 17-year-old tweeted a screenshot of a conversation with her father in Saudi Arabia.

After telling him she was considering removing the item, he said he would support her ‘no matter what’.

Lamyaa posted the screen shot after a boy in a group chat told her that her father would likely beat her were she to take off her headscarf.

Lamyaa told the BBC that she did not actually intend to take her scarf off: “It was never part of the plan. I just wanted to prove a point”.

“When I saw how sweet my dad’s response was I felt that this proved something; it proved that misconceptions are often made about people who end up being the exact opposite”.

Many messaged Lamyaa support following her post, and she added that some even said it changed their views on the hijab.However, other Twitter users felt differently commenting:

‘Frankly, it’s unfortunate that girls like myself DON’T get media attention for speaking up on our plight of forced religious practices’.

What do you make of Lamyaa’s message. Do you think she achieved her aim of proving the misconceptions of the hijab are often wrong? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below.

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Photo Credit: Lamyaa

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