National No Smoking Day

Thousands of smokers in are being urged to give quitting a go on No Smoking Day, 14 March.  The NHS is asking people ‘to pick your way, #TellUsYourWay and Quit Your Way!’

Everyone is different, which means the way you quit smoking needs to be your choice. It’s all about working out what’s right for you to increase your chances of quitting for good.

You might be thinking of free Champix or NRT from the pharmacy or looking into e-cigarettes. Some of you may be planning to go it alone with your own willpower. Nonetheless, everyone can also get expert help from the NHS. Whatever you decide, it helps to plan ahead.

The Smoking Toolkit Study from University College London shows that in the past 10 years in the North East, around 18.3 per cent of people who tried to quit smoking were still not smoking, compared with 15.7 per cent of people nationally.

Fresh is also encouraging smokers who have struggled to quit so far to consider switching completely to an e-cigarette which is significantly less harmful than smoking and the most popular way to quit.

Whether or not smokers use an e-cigarette, they are strongly advised to get support from their local Stop Smoking Service.

Ailsa Rutter, director of Fresh, said: “Some people do manage to quit first time – but for most it takes many attempts. Don’t get disheartened if you didn’t quit first time, and don’t tell yourself you can’t do it.

Maggie Bratton, 62, from near Ponteland, quit smoking after being diagnosed with mouth cancer.

She said: “Before the cancer I was an adamant smoker. I never bothered trying to quit because I just thought I would make a fool of myself and fail but it changes when you get that scared”.

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