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Naturally Perfect Dolls encourages self-acceptance

Angelica and Jason Sweeting’s Naturally Perfect Dolls encourages girls of colour to proudly accept their identity.

Noticing a lack of diversity in the industry, Sweeting’s dolls were designed to reflect the beauty of black girls. A ‘natural’ design, the first doll created was inspired by Angelica and her daughter’s features.

When Angelica’s young daughter announced that she hated her hair, Angelica realised that she had to do something. Her daughter voiced that she wanted straight blonde hair which matched her Barbie and Elsa dolls.

Angelica and Jason decided to create a doll which their daughter could identify with – inspiring self-love. After receiving countless requests, Angelica and Jason, expanded their business to create Naturally Perfect Dolls.

The Sweetings took to US programme Shark Tank and won over investors – winning $200,000 [£159,801]. This investment is in exchange for 20% equity in their company.

FUBU founder, Daymond John signed the deal with the Sweetings after a ‘short negotiation’.

The doll collection includes four different dolls, which have 18 inch kinky textured hair.  The hair can be washed and styled in a diverse number of ways, including curling and straightening.

Features found on the dolls reflect the beauty of women of colour. Such representation of black beauty will diversify the toy industry, creating a true and inspiring image.

Jason said that Naturally Perfect Dolls aims to “change the standard of beauty one doll at a time”. The dolls will allow girls to understand they can be “whatever they want to be”.

Jason says “we are all a little bit different”. The dolls encourage that these differences are embraced and accepted. Angelica said that the toy industry “isn’t singing the same message”.

The toy industry does not represent girls who come from multicultural backgrounds. Angelica said “less than 10% of dolls represent them”.

Naturally Perfect Dolls brings something unique to the market, celebrating diversity.

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 Photo Credit: Angelica Sweeting

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