Nepalese children trafficked into the UK as slaves


Children who survived the Nepal earthquake are reportedly being sold to wealthy British households as unpaid domestic slaves.

An exposé by The Sun newspaper released on 4 April uncovered that gangs of slave traders in the South Asian Sovereign state are selling boys and girls as young as ten for as little as £5,250.

One slave trader named Makkhan Singh was caught on film trying to broker a deal with an undercover reporter posing as a wealthy British Sikh looking for a housemaid or houseboy.

“Take a Nepalese to England”, Singh is reported to have said. “They are good people. They are good at doing housework and they’re very good cooks. No one is going to come after you”.

The Nepal earthquake killed 9,000 people in April 2015, leaving many children orphaned and homeless. Around 1,000 children are believed to have been trafficked into the UK last year and Home Secretary Theresa May has urged The Sun to report their findings to the Police and National Crime Agency.

“Child trafficking is a truly abhorrent crime. No child, anywhere in the world, should be taken away from their home and forced to work in slavery”, she said.

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Photo credit: DFID

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