New Barbie Ad Breaks Gender Stereotypes – Watch

Mattel continues to empower children by broadening their audience in their newest advert for Moschino Barbie. The toy company have featured a young boy playing with the fashion figure, in an effort to reduce the stigma attached to boys playing with dolls.

The already-sold-out Moschino Barbie is currently only available on Ebay with prices starting at £165. This is not the first time Mattel has challenged the definition of beauty and inspired children to be themselves.

Mattel created a Zendaya Barbie based on the Disney star’s 2015 Oscar look. The Zendaya Barbie was dressed in a Vivienne Westwood gown, with dreads to match. Speaking about the new creation Zendaya stated;

“When I was younger I didn’t really connect to Barbies because I didn’t have one that looked like me, so I wanted to make sure that my little nieces know that Barbie’s beauty has a very wide definition”.

TNT News Frances Scott

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