New Beginnings

The Nubian Times/TNT News starts another productive week sourcing news, interviews and current affairs, with no internet! Yes that’s right, no internet in the Media Suite until Maintenance get to the bottom of the problem.

Also this morning Intern Melissa McFarlane and Journalist Yasin Chinembiri have been to Manchester Crown Court to report on the Fred Talbot trial in allegations of historic sexual offences that allegedly took place at Elgin High School and Altrincham Grammar School for Boys. Melissa and Yasin will be informing us about what happened at today’s hearing.

Sophie Weiner is our newest recruit and is for training on proof-reading with The Nubian Times and learning the TNT house-style A lovely, bubbly individual and we’re sure she’ll prove to be a great asset to the team.

Sorie and Nicole are busy going about their sales business and developing customer relationships and D’borah is filing and handling all the TNT administrative duties, like answering your calls on articles submissions and press coverage.

Check out the gallery and stay locked-in to all things TNT.

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