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New Greater Manchester Law Centre supports the community

With the news that only two free law centres remained in Greater Manchester, something had to be done and fast. Cuts meant that seven centres closed down, having a negative effect on people’s right to justice in our community.

The Greater Manchester Law Centre was set up in an attempt to combat this injustice. Based on Princess Road in Moss Side, the centre believes in equality of access to legal support. They offer free legal advice and representation for people in a diverse range of situations.

TNT spoke to Tanzil Chowdhury, one of the people who set up and continue to develop the centre. Tanzil is happy with the difference that the centre has made in Greater Manchester so far:

“It’s been fantastic and that’s because of the collective efforts of everyone. This includes our management committee, the various patrons, our volunteers, community groups, trade unions that have supported us”.

However, he’s keen to build on what the centre has already achieved over the next year and beyond. Despite securing funding for a solicitor for the next three years, there is still hard work to be done.

“We want to expand into other services of law, including houses, employment […] mental health and prison law”.

“We’re also campaigning for the restoration of fully fledged legal aid. We want to be the centre of this campaign in Greater Manchester”.

The centre needs help from the community to allow them to continue the great work that they do. They are hoping to inspire local people to do their bit for the centre. This could be in the form of a small donation or getting involved directly, such as with volunteer work.

“We not only want to service the community but we want people in Manchester to help run the law centre”.

The centre is open on a Monday to Friday from 10am to 3pm.

TNT Business Natasha Dunn

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