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Ex-bass player of pivotal Manchester band, New Order, is claiming against his former band mates for £2.3 million in a dispute over royalty finances.

Peter Hook, who left the band in 2007, has had a sour relationship with the remaining members over the last few years. Hook’s gripe is mainly with front man Bernard Summer, who he accused of “stealing the band” in 2014.

In response to Hook’s claims, New Order told NME “The reports so far have taken a number of things out of context” – claiming that the new company they allegedly concealed from Hook only pertains to finances after his departure.

Hook currently receives 1.25 per cent of the New Order’s income, as well as royalties for work done prior to his departure. Included in what he receives is multi-million dance floor titan ‘Blue Monday’, which is placed at number 69 in the UK’s best ever selling singles.

However, Hook is still unsatisfied with how the band’s assets are being managed. His lawyer states that the conception of the finance-managing company was “Clandestine, premeditated and deliberate”.

In September, the band released rebound album, ‘Music Complete’, after 10 years of studio silence. Summer has insinuated that Hook is simply bitter about the revitalised success the band has achieved without him, and that they are growing tiresome of his string of overt abuse.

“If you choose a path in life, don’t blame others for the path you have chosen to take”, Summer concluded.

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