New technology allows health professionals to track medication

e Lucid m Health, Manchester-based healthcare technology organisation, will be putting their £49,500 fund from Business Finance Solutions to ground-breakingly good use to rectify the mass number of patients who fail to take their medication.

They are pioneering the development of dispensing and monitoring devices such as the eBottle which can be connected through Bluetooth to smartphones so that health professionals can keep updated with whether or not patients are taking their medication properly. Sufferers of such illnesses as diabetes, schizophrenia and mental health will also eventually be able to benefit from e Lucid m Health’s innovative work.

Director Graham commented: “One of the biggest issues in healthcare today is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of patient facing care and digital technology is set to play a major part in transforming the delivery of accurate medication and wellness solutions.

“To quote the US Surgeon General, Evelyn Kopp “Drugs don’t work in patients that don’t take them”.

Director of BFS Paul Breen added, “We want to make it easier for innovative businesses like e Lucid m Health, who are creating products that will save and improve the lives of people across the world, to access the finance they need to start up or grow the kinds of businesses that will help the economy thrive.”

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