Nigeria polio -free

The World Health Organisation (WHO), announced that polio is no longer endemic in Nigeria. This is great news for Nigeria, as they need a further two years to be declared polio free.

In 2012, Nigeria accounted, worldwide,  for more than half of all polio cases,  but today Africa is one step closer to becoming  completely free of this paralysing disease.

This is the first time that Nigeria has interrupted transmission of wild poliovirus, bringing the country and the African region closer than ever to being certified polio-free.

The Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI), the public-private partnership leading the effort to eradicate polio, called this a ‘historic achievement’ in global health.

Nigeria has not reported a case of wild poliovirus since, July 2014, and all data confirms 12 months have passed without any new cases being reported.

However, Pakistan and Afghanistan have not been so lucky, as transmission of this disease has been  interrupted, therefore health agencies, have a hard task ahead to eradicate polio.

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