No hype behind the ‘real’ Hypes

Fresh from supporting US rapper The Game at Manchester Academy, one of Manchester’s brightest Grime stars Hypes spoke to TNT exclusively about exciting news for this year.

It is an understatement to say that the south Manchester-born Grime artist is a hard worker. From music shows, concerts to rap battles including the Red Bull’s Grime-A-Side competition, Hypes has been busy working and teaming up with other notable names on the scene like R.I.O. 2017 thus, will have a lot to live up to where both Hypes’ music and work ethic are concerned.

BurstGanG, whose focus is Grime music, is the Manchester-based collective that Hypes is part of.

After an impressive performance at the Caribbean Carnival of Manchester last summer, of which the Carnival promoter “loved it [BurstGanG’s set]”, Hypes was asked to support the ‘My Life’ rapper on stage at Manchester Academy.

Reflecting on the night he supported the US star, Hypes exclaimed “It was brilliant”.

“I wouldn’t consider being a supporting act again unless it is someone legendary like The Game. We [BurstGanG] want do our own concerts because we have our own material”, he continued.

The link with Mike Skinner

Since being crowned Man of the Match at the Red Bull competition last year, Hypes has been working in the studio and has “a few Eps on the way”. Between him and BurstGanG are a few upcoming EPs and mixtapes.

“I also have a few tracks in the pipeline with Mike Skinner from The Streets. He remixed one of my songs”, Hypes said. The link between Skinner and Hypes came about through Murkage Dave, a London-born artist who lived in Manchester for over a decade. It was through him that Hypes was approached by Murkage, and then Skinner really took a shine to BurstGanG’s work.

Hypes, along with BurstGanG, are in the middle of securing new management for their music, however he confirmed his new single ‘Live’ featuring Trim (from Roll Deep) will be released this year.

“The single will definitely be out before my EP and will be on my solo EP as well. By mid-2017 there will be a BurstGang EP and a solo EP”.

Always on the go, Hypes will be with BurstGanG on 10 February hosting Mike Skinner’s set with JayKae and Star One at Sankeys.  A week later on 17 February, Hypes will be with CasIsDead at Sankeys. Go online for further details on tickets and times.

TNT Entertainment Yasin Chinembiri

Photo Credit: J Bannister Photography


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