‘No link’ between insomnia and early death

There’s some good news for people with insomnia – your lack of sleep is probably not going to kill you.

A new report published by the journal Science Direct says there is no link between insomnia and early death.

This may or may not come as some comfort to anyone who’s lying awake at 4am in the morning panicking about nothing whatsoever.

Scientists reviewed 17 studies, which covered close to 37 million people, to compile their results.

This new report goes against what the NHS says, which claims that as well as putting people at risk of obesity, heart disease and type 2 diabetes, that insomnia shortens life expectancy.

But for people who are struggling with insomnia, long-term concerns about life spans aren’t what’s troubling them – often they’re just trying to make it to the end of the day.

“I don’t think about it like that,” says Naveed Khan, who works in a secondary school and says he gets no more than four hours sleep a night.

“I had a really bad night earlier this week, really awful. All I could think about next day in work was that I needed to get through the day.

“I teach a couple of classes and I just think: ‘Right if I can make it through that hour it’s done, then I just have to get to break time, then I’ve done that, then there’s lunch duty.

“I’m breaking my day down just to get through it.”

Up to 30% of people in the UK are believed to suffer from insomnia, so it’s likely someone near you as you read this is struggling with the effects of sleep deprivation.

It’s not easy to beat insomnia alone, but there are things you can do to improve your chances of getting a better night’s sleep.

The NHS recommends things like exercising to tire yourself out during the day and cutting down on caffeine.

It also says smoking, eating too much or drinking alcohol late at night can stop you from sleeping well.

Other recommendations include writing a list of things that are playing on your mind and trying to get to bed at a similar time every night.

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