No Time For Goodbye by Linwood Barclay

Having liked several audible books I have cared to listen to, I feel the need to listen to one regularly, if only for the ease of someone else reading. The search for an audible book can be somewhat laborious and time consuming (which actually defeats the object of being easy) so I tend to pick ones form the best selling category. Four and a half stars out of five cannot be bad for a book so choose on this basis.

This book stood out with a familiar plotline that somehow I can relate to. Still living at home 14 year old teenager Cynthia wakes up one morning to find her family has just disappeared. No note, no evidence of foul-play, no nothing. The book then fast forwards to a grown Cynthia with a family of her own who participates in a documentary of the unfortunate past. Somewhat unbelievable in parts the drone voice of the narrator did put me to sleep in parts however a good story but one which may have better read by myself.

TNT Lifestyle Jacqueline E Hylton

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