Northern Powerhouse hopes squashed by poor GCSEs

Manchester and Liverpool’s hopes of becoming northern powerhouses could be killed due to their failing schools, the Ofsted Chief has warned.

Ofsted Chief Inspector, Sir Michael Wilshaw, spoke to the institute for Public Policy Research about education in Manchester and Liverpool, and warned that hopes of a northern powerhouse could “splutter and die” due to this.

Ofsted figures show that 3 in 10 Manchester secondary schools are rated below good, with a third of the schools in Salford deemed not good enough. In Oldham, 6 in 10 secondary schools require improvements or are inadequate.

Sir Michael said, “These are the cities that built Britain. They pioneered a modern, civic education when students at certain other universities spent most of their time studying the New Testament in Greek”.

He then went on to say how Manchester and Liverpool, “boast eight universities between them, two of which are among the top 200 in the world”.

“If these cities can provide world-class education for youngsters at 18, why on earth are they failing to do so for too many at 11?”

Manchester City council have replied to the Inspector’s statements saying that, “measures are in place to overcome the dip”.

TNT Education Rami Mwamba


Photo Credit:DCLG

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