Northern Rail sparks fury after new ticket policy

Northern Rail recently announced a new ticket policy and Manchester customers are furious.

The train operator announced that passengers wanting to buy a ticket on board a train will now be fined £20 or double the fair, whichever is larger, under a new policy.

The new charges start at the end of April.

Under the new rules, passengers running late for the train will no longer be able to buy on-board. The only exception would be if a customer could demonstrate they were unable to buy a ticket. This could be if a ticket machine is broken.

However, Northern Rail added that if your local station does not have ticket buying facilities, you will still be able to purchase tickets on-board.

And since the announcement, customers have shared their fury on social media.

One Twitter user wrote: “So #Northernrail; my elderly parents get on at Padgate, there is no machine; also don’t have a smart phone or the internet and you want to fine them/RIP them off by charging more.

“Also don’t see a problem buying a ticket on the train when there is a conductor on board, disgusting.”

Liam Sumpter, regional director for Northern, told the Warrington Guardian: “We have invested in new state-of-the-art ticket machines across our network to help customers purchase tickets. These machines offer a full range of fares – including discounts.

“With online and mobile ticketing, as well as ticket offices at our staffed stations, there is really no reason for anyone to board a train without a valid ticket.

“For customers who want to pay by cash, our ticket machines will issue Promise to Pay notices which can be exchanged (along with a cash payment) for a ticket when on board the service or at the next available ticket office.”

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