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NYC’s – DJ MK lights up Manchester Parklife

Fresh from playing at the Mysteryland festival in New York, DJ MK landed in Manchester within 24 hours. Playing at the ‘Big Top’ stage on the second day of #Parklife2016, MK’s set at Heaton Park raised the spirits and inspired a wave of reverberations across the rain-soaked audience.

Known by his stage name MK, Marc Kinchen – the American house music DJ and producer – has been “DJ-ing for about 4 years. One of the first places I DJ’ed is in Manchester. It’s one of my favourite places because I think the first time I played here, people were really welcoming”, he told TNT.

When asked where he prefers dj-ing between the US and UK, MK didn’t hesitate in confirming: “UK. I’m bigger in the UK; I think they understand the music better over here. America’s so media-fed”.

Hectic tour schedules are part of the American’s career as he often flies in and out of cities and countries for work. “I’m going to London for a couple of days for meetings and then playing in Ibiza on Friday, on Saturday I’m in Edinburgh and on Sunday, playing in Lisbon Portugal”, Marc told TNT.

It’s fair to question how he manages the travelling “You just get used to it. I literally stopped drinking about 5 months ago. So it’s easier now.

Referring to the murderers of Robert Hart at #Parklife in 2014, MK said: “They [perpetrators] think beforehand, not on the day of the festival. It’s really messed up. It doesn’t need to be that type of situation. I grew up in Detroit and New York, around rough stuff, so I have seen it”.

With a growing fascination for synthesisers during the 80s, MK quickly began producing music. “I taught myself how to produce; I stayed in my room all day, listening to songs, trying to remake songs that I like. And from that I just kept going”.

MK will fly back in Manchester at the Warehouse Project (WHP) this summer.

Fans can expect MK’s album “by the end of this year”, he revealed to TNT. “My third single is out this summer. My single right now, ‘Piece Of Me’ with Becky Hill, was one of the first songs I recorded on the album”.

Being on tour means the ‘Piece of Me’ star spends a lot of time away from home. “When I come back home I spend time with my kids”.

“I met Quincy Jones once. I worked with him for a while in LA and he had all these Michael Jackson plaques all over his house. He said the one thing he regrets is not being around his kids much. And he told me this when I was in my 20s. It stuck with me. When I had kids, I said I don’t want to be like that, I don’t want that as one of my regrets”.

TNT Entertainment Yasin Chinembiri

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