Obama to revoke Bill Crosby’s Medal of Freedom?

White house press secretary Josh Earnest has confirmed that US President Barack Obama will consider revoking Bill Cosby’s Presidential Medal of Freedom, if the congress empowers him to do so. The comedian’s integrity continues to be questioned after being accused of sexually assaulting more than 50 women. So far Cosby has been stripped of several honourary degrees.

On the 30th of December of 2015 Crosby was charged with three counts of aggravated indecent assault, he has also admitted to drugging women in order to gain sexual pleasure. Prosecutors have recently revealed that Cosby obtained seven separate prescriptions for Quaaludes over several years, which he did not personally ingest, or ever personally intended to take.

When Bill Cosby received his Presidential Medal of Freedom hew became part of a class of around a dozen recipients, which included actress Nancy Reagan, Nelson Mandela and TV personality Fred Rogers.

On the 7th of January United States representative Paul Gosar announced his plans to file a bill to strip Cosby of the medal, and to impose criminal penalties for the misuse of the medal. The legislation would not only revoke the medal that Cosby was awarded in 2002 by George W. Bush but it would also impose penalties for anyone displaying a medal, which has been revoked.

Mr. Gosar has stated, “No doubt, Bill Cosby has made cultural contributions to public life in the United States as both an entertainer and an advocate for social causes. However, Cosby’s sexual assault and drugging as well as Cosby’s arrest for three felony counts of sexual assault make him unfit to retain our nation’s highest civil honour”.

Barack Obama has insisted that the revoking of Cosby’s medal would only be appropriate after fully considering his personal situation, he said, “There’s no precedent for revoking a medal. We don’t have that mechanism”.

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photo credit: Mr Scott King

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