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The Obamas: Michelle just ‘owned’ Barack – Watch

Outgoing US President Barack Obama just got ‘owned’ by the first lady, in a warm way, of course.

During the couple’s annual Christmas address, Michelle told Barack that his dad jokes over the years have been flat. She also added that he has “treated” the American people to countless numbers of them.

The first lady also shared some staggering statistics about the White House’s holiday celebrations.

In the couple’s eight years in the White House, they have welcomed over 500,000 guests. The in-house pastry chefs have whipped up over 200,000 holiday cookies. It’s official: the Great British Bake Off tent cannot compete with the White House’s Obama cookie-baking tally. The relevance of that statistic stands with all things baking considered, thank you.

This is not the first-time Michelle has amusingly teased her husband. In September 2016, she did an impersonation of Barack at the dinner table on ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’.

The Obamas are continuing their annual tradition of spending Christmas in Hawaii, where the president grew up. They will return after the New Year holiday.

To watch the full Christmas address, please click play in the video above.

TNT News

Photo Credit: The White House

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