OBV join forces with TNT for voter registration initiative

On Tuesday March the 17th the Operation Black Voter general election battle bus, will pull up into Manchester as part of its “Reclaim Democracy’ voter registration national tour.

With some 7.5 million people across the UK not on the electoral register the growing democratic deficient presents a real threat to social stability and cohesion. Over the last 50 years the turnout out at national elections has declined significantly with only 65% voting at the last elections in 2010.

Operation Black Votes voter registration ‘Reclaim Democracy’ campaign not only encourages people to vote but also seeks to repair Britain’s damaged democracy. The campaign is calling for a wholesale reform of our democracy.

Lilian Nevins the Editor in Chief of ‘The Nubian Times/TNT News’ commented,

“We are delighted to work alongside OBV in seeking to encourage all communities to get on the electoral register and get out, vote and make their voices heard. OBV research has shown that we can make a real difference, here in Manchester TNT will be supporting this important campaign right up to the registration deadline on April 20th 2015’  

If British politicians are to be held to proper account by the people who elect them, voter registration and democratic participation improved, then public trust and confidence has to be restored in our democracy. Put simply we will need to radically reform our ancient system of democracy.

Westminster has far too much power and this has to be reversed ensuring that power is firmly placed back in the hands of the people. People need to feel democracy works for them.

OBV research has shown that in over 168 marginal seats, the BME vote is larger than the sitting MP’s current majority. This means that the BME vote can determine the outcome of the next election.

The Nubian Times in partnership with Operation Black Vote, the British Chinese Project supported by the Electoral Commission and the Cabinet Office have come together with the aim of tackling the huge numbers of people, who have fallen off the electoral register in Manchester.

The OBV express voter registration, general election battle bus will be in town to raise awareness of this hugely important issue and get people back on the electoral register.

In Gorton, 4,283 people have dropped off the register. In central Manchester 5,522 people have dropped off the register.  In the Withington area 8,226 have dropped off the electoral roll, whilst Salford has seen a huge decline with a massive 10,724 fewer voters now registered to vote.

In a bid to find register these missing voters, Operation Black Vote in partnership with The Nubian Times are coming together in

the changes in registration resulted in move from household to individual registration has seen increasing number of voters disappear from the electoral role.

The OBV battle bus is equipped with a bank of superfast computers that can register people to vote in less than two minutes flat.  The Nubian Times is committed to continuing the campaign locally right up until voter registration deadline day on April 20th 2015 with question Time like debate called ‘Speakers Corner’ to help inform the general public of issues,  options and how your vote will enable you to have a voice, on matters which resonate with you and your community.

We hope together we can inspire people to register to vote and support the call for fundamental democratic reform.

WHEN: Tuesday, 17 March 2015 
9:00 – 15.00 at;

Manchester University Student Union, University Place Oxford M13 9PL

From 15.30 – 4.30 Windrush Millennium Centre 70 Alexandra Rd, Manchester M16 7WD

5.00 – 6.00 West Indian Sports and Social Club, Westwood Street M14 4SW

6.30 pm Chinatown Manchester


TNT News-See you there!

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