When do old £10 notes expire?

Old £10 notes to expire

After the shock of losing the round £1 coins, people are spending their £10 notes before they are worthless.

Don’t worry, you still have plenty of time to spend your old notes.

In fact, you could save them all then only use paper £10 notes to pay for all your Christmas presents. Sorted.

The old paper £10 notes are being replaced by new £10 notes featuring acclaimed British author Jane Austen.

You may have already encountered the new shiny plastic £10 notes as the Bank of England has printed just over 1 billion of them.

The £10 paper notes will cease to be legal tender in the spring next year. However, the Bank Of England promised to give three months’ notice as to the expiry date.

After the Bank of England set an expiry date, the old paper £10 notes will cease to be worth anything.

The tenner got a face-lift this year and they were brought into circulation on Thursday, 24 September 2017.

While we currently have some of the old paper and plenty of the old plastic in our wallets, you will still be able to use £10 notes into 2018.

A spring clean of the couches, dark drawers and old jacket pockets may be just what is required.

The production of the new note did spark controversy. It came after it was revealed that a small amount of animal fat was used to produce the polymer pellets in the production process.

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